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Graphical Thinking Skills

We have three main aims.

GTS - training was set up

1) To promote the use of systemic thinking skills in education, government, business and in the media. We promote the use of Graphical Thinking as a tool for teaching and applying systemic thinking.

Our approach to learning and teaching (our pedagogy) is informed by;

recent discoveries about the experience-trapping mechanisms of our neural networks

graphical techniques (particularly entity relationship modelling) developed by the IT industry to analyse and communicate complex business systems

graphical techniques traditionally used in architecture, engineering, boat building, dressmaking, etc.

We are particularly keen to promote the adoption of Graphical Thinking as a learning/teaching tool for 'dyslexics' and anyone else who is at risk of being excluded from educational and employment opportunities because they have difficulties processing text.

2) To create a series of educational books which clearly explain the fundamental concepts of a wide range of subjects. The aim is to provide our readers with frameworks on which they can hang the details, frameworks to help them trap their experiences and structure their learning and understanding.

We find linear text, on its own, to be a poor medium for conveying this kind of systemic information and encourage the use of Graphical Thinking as explained in our first book "Understanding Thinking".

3) For the future - we aim to create a forum where you can present concise diagrams with accompanying text, explaining your understanding of the structure of any subject and any topical issue, whether is be nuclear physics or the problems in Zimbabwe. The aim is to work together to combine many different points of view, and build up a shared understanding that embraces more experience than any one of us could achieve on our own.